Comparison on Stihl Chainsaw MS250 VS MS251 Wood Boss

Introduction to the STIHL MS250 and MS251

The definition of a chainsaw is right there in its name. A chainsaw has two major parts: the saw blade is nicely crafted into a chain mounted on a long metal bar. At the same time, the other part is a small cylinder gasoline container (this part in some models is an electric powered cord or a battery pack). The piston moves in and out of the cylinder in the saw blade engine. This helps to push a gliding rod that sets the crankshaft in motion. The crankshaft is the part that puts on the gears that are linked to the sprockets where the chain is installed. All these processes set the chain in motion. It should be noted that this article is written as a comparison guide for buyers on STIHL MS250 VS MS251 chainsaw. Read on the get the full details of each product before deciding which one to buy.

Comparison Table of STIHL MS250 VS MS251 Chainsaw

Power SourceGasGas
Powerhead Weight10.1 lbs11.9 lbs
Guide Bar Length18”18”
Oilomatic Chain325” RM3325” RM3
Chain Oil Capacity6.8 oz.6.7 oz.
Engine Oil3.0 bhp3.0 bhp
Displacement2.77 cu. in.2.78 cu. in.
Fuel Capacity15.9 oz.13.2 oz.

More About STIHL MS250 Chainsaw

The STIHL MS250 is considered the more rugged among other chainsaws manufactured by STIHL. MS 250 chainsaw is recommended for homeowners looking for a lightweight tool to handle heavy-duty activities. Cutting off tree trunks and branches is not a serious task for an MS250 chainsaw. However, it is recommended to use a long metal bar. Note that it could take some time to do more heavy-duty cuts, so having a professional chainsaw is advisable for more intense cuts. The MS250 is best for homeowners because owning a more powerful chainsaw could expose users to more safety issues. It is great for pruning. The tool can be easily maneuvered to reach an impossible angle. Work productivity is enhanced with the MS250 chainsaw. 


  • Lightweight 
  • Easy start and easy to use 
  • Lesser vibrations 
  • Delivers much power at 45cc
  • Excellent performance 


  • Paint peels off the bar within a short period 
  • Chain tightener is not designed well
  • Chain adjustment cover gets discolored by the exhaust 

Highlights of STIHL MS250 Features Chainsaw

  • Minimized vibration system 
  • STIHL® ElastoStart™ for easy grip
  • Master control lever 
  • Easy chain adjuster 
  • Easy chain break by STIHL Quickstop
  • Purge pump primer for easy starting 
  • Ematic™ Lubrication System for proper lubrication

More About STIHL MS251 Wood Boss

In the Stihl line of chainsaw production, the Stihl MS251 is most notable. Though, it should be noted that it is not the most popular. The MS251 is seen as the most appropriate chainsaw for the right user, depending on the project it is being used for. However, when comparing features, specs, and power, it could be rated as inferior to other chai saw in the Stihl line of production. So, choosing chainsaws in this line could be difficult for those who do not know the difference. From a starter level to a professional level, the Stihl MS251 could be a good fit. 

MS251 is most suitable for landlords, homeowners, or workers handling outdoor projects or simple property maintenance. It is a fuel-efficient 45.6cc chainsaw powered by gas. MS251 chainsaw is affordable in the market even though it is not a high power choice for those that work heavy-duty projects. It can be used for property maintenance projects and reach tight corners where bigger chainsaws cannot reach. Professionals that carry out heavy projects would still prefer to buy the MS251 to assist with smaller projects alongside. 


  • It is lightweight with an ergonomic design 
  • Easy to maneuver 
  • Best for pruning, cutting firewood, and cutting down trees
  • It lasts long with good maintenance


  • Not suitable for cold weather and heavy-duty activities

Highlights of STIHL MS251 Chainsaw

  • Integrated with a master control lever
  • Anti-vibration system to alleviate operator fatigue
  • Smart Chain Adjuster
  • Stihl Easy2Start 
  • IntelliCarb Compensating Carburetor
  • 114 dB(A) sound power level
  • 2.95 horsepower, 45.6cc engine
  • 390cc fuel capacity

How to Make Use of the STIHL Chainsaw

Note that safety gears need to be properly put on before a chainsaw is used. Once these are taken care of, the following instructions can be strictly applied.

Place the Stihl chainsaw flat on the floor and lock the chain brake properly. This helps to avoid accidental spinning before you make use of the chainsaw

Please turn on the choke and push the primer button to get it started

Now, press the starter button to get it into action. However, note that the saw cannot cut if you don’t release the chain brake.

Final Thought About These STIHL Chainsaws 

The MS250 and MS251 chainsaws are useful tools, especially for construction and property maintenance activities. They are both affordable, cordless, and durable. The differences are not much. Choice of purchase is left for the buyer to decide after going through this in-depth comparison guide for STIHL MS250 VS MS251. Though purchase decision is still based on what it would be used for. 

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