Cutting Rebar With a Hacksaw?- Read This Before Getting Into It

While thinking of rebar, the most intuitive tool that comes to mind when thinking of cutting into them is probably the Rebar Cutter. While these electric monstrosities are wonderfully efficient at getting the job done- they are not really good for much else. This means, unless you are a professional who is cutting rebar on the daily for construction or other purposes- you will basically be using this tool once and then putting it away in a corner of your garage for years. Rebar cutters are also powered and generally corded- meaning if you are not within reach of a power outlet- you are left with no tool. This is when other, more versatile, but less efficient handymen tools come into play. The hacksaw is probably a handyman’s best friend due to its high durability and almost unlimited cutting operational capability. And this flexible, somewhat bendable cutting tool is mostly what professionals and DIY experts alike use when they can not get their hands on a rebar cutter. And in this article we will walk you through how to use the hacksaw in your garage as a DIY rebar cutter. 

When to use a hacksaw for cutting rebar?

  • If you do not own a rebar cutter and just need to cut a few rods. It must be noted that unless you are in a somewhat healthy physical state, this is not suggested since it is time consuming and labor intensive.
  • You are out of range of a power outlet for your corded rebar cutter.

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How to cut rebar with a hacksaw?

Step 1: Preparation

First, measure the length of the rebar you will be cutting using a measuring tape. Then, position your rods on a steady work surface. Remember, your cutting point should be a few inches out of the work surface to make sure you can cut through, but not to the point where the end will vibrate while cutting. The same step applies to cut armored.

Step 2: Setting the Rebar

Clamp the rebar down using a vice or a clamp. This will allow you to operate the hacksaw with both hands and speed up the process.

Step 3: Cutting and Finishing

Make short strokes with your hacksaw on the rod to create a groove or a notch. Now that you have created this groove for added stability, make long but clean strokes till you cut completely through. You can use a file to smoothen off the edges if necessary.


Generally, rebars are used to improve the tensile strength of concrete during construction. This means you should be extra careful as to which rebar you are cutting if you are working on your home. The wellbeing of the walls in your house depends on rebar. And thus it is suggested not to cut the first one you see. 

Also, cutting rebar via any manual process is pretty labor intensive. This means unless you are a non-professional looking to cut just a few rods, it is best to get a specialized rebar cutter for your line of work.

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