Best Diamond Hole Saw for Tile – Pick the Right Hole Saw for the Job

It is often needed to cut holes in tiles to preserve the integrity of tile design, and a diamond hole saw is the perfect tool to achieve precise cuts. Here are some exceptional diamond hole saws that can ensure the job with ease.

We have reviewed over twenty diamond hole saws available in the market. Depending on the grade of diamond used, hollow cutouts, and use, we have identified this five diamond hole saw to drill perfect holes in tiles.

Our Recommended Top 5 Diamond Hole Saw for Tile


Hole Size

Lasting time

Plug Cleaning

Lenox Diamond Hole Saw Kit

Contains a collection of sizes

Lasts longer

Harder due to smaller slots

Drilax 1-¾ Inch Diamond Hole Saw

1-¾ inch

Weas out if not cooled properly

Easily cleanable

SHDIATOOL 1-⅜ inch Diamond Core Drill Bits

1-¾ inch

Wears out faster if drilling surface is hard

May pose problems if cutting hard surface

BOSCH HDG11 11-Piece Diamond Hole Saw

Contains a collection of sizes

Smaller hole saws wears out faster

Smaller hole saw can be harder to clean

Luomorgo 3 inch Diamond Hole Saw


Used less due to unusual size

Very easy to clean

1. Lenox Diamond Hole Saw Kit

1. Lenox Diamond Hole Saw Kit

This Diamond hole saw kit is manufactured by Irwin tools and contains 10 different sizes of the diamond drill bit. The continuous brazed edge allows the user to successfully drill through even stone tiles. 

Little pressure and low torque can help users to cut through tiles easily. To easily remove the plug, the tool features an oversized slot hole. The kit contains ¼”, ¾”, ⅞”, 1-⅛”, 1-⅜”, 2”, 2-½” durable diamond edge hole saws, 2L ½” and 5L ½” standard arbors, and a hex wrench.

What We Like About the Product

  • The kit comes with extra pilot bits
  • Comes in a rigid soft case with a foam interior to hold hole saws
  • The hole saws are sturdy
  • The hole saws can be changed quickly without taking out the drill
  • The price is reasonable

What We do not Like

  • The slots on the side of the hole saws are extremely small to clean out the plugs
  • Some users complained about not finding the right size hole saw

2. Drilax 1-¾ Inch Diamond Hole Saw

2. Drilax 1-¾ Inch Diamond Hole Saw

This diamond hole saw from Drilax allows you to cut holes in engineered wood, ceramic, glass, and wood tiles. You can easily utilize this drill bit for DIY projects and will have dustless, fast, and clean hole drilling.

This drill bit has a solid steel body that spins true, cools rapidly, and lasts longer. Water is used as a cooling fluid for this drill bit. 

What we Like About the Product

  • Clean and smooth cut even on stone surfaces
  • Is able to drill through various hard surfaces like glass, wood, or stone
  • Use water as cooling material
  • Drills faster and efficiently without chipping the material

What we Don’t Like About the Product

  • No return policy
  • Can wear out easily if not cooled properly

3. SHDIATOOL 1-⅜ inch Diamond Core Drill Bits

3. SHDIATOOL 1-⅜ inch Diamond Core Drill Bits

This drill bit from SHDIATOOL is recommended to use with an angle grinder machine and can drill holes through marble, stones, bricks, and even granite tiles. Depending on their comfort, one can use it on dry or wet surfaces.

The high-quality diamond coating helps you drill smoothly and fast with this drill bit. For prolonged drill bit life, wet drilling is highly recommended.

What we Like About the Product

  • Cuts clean right through tiles without wandering
  • Excellent quality drill bit
  • Can be used for shaping as well
  • Cost-effective option

What we Don’t Like About the Product

  • Some users complained that the drill bit wears out soon
  • Can have a hard time while drilling holes in brick

4. BOSCH HDG11 11-Piece Diamond Hole Saw Set

If you are looking for a package of different size hole saws, get BOSCH HDG 11 without concern. This package holds 1 mandrel, 1 AutoStart pilot bit, and ¼ inch, 5/16 inch, ⅜ inch, ⅝ inch, 1 inch, 1⅜ inch, 2 inch, 2¼ inch, 2½ inch diamond hole saws each.

The vacuum-brazed diamond grit can drill efficiently through hard surfaces while giving you long-lasting service. Segmented teeth are used in these hole saws to reduce heat and debris. You can easily use the AutoStart pilot bit without using a pilot hole due to its spring-loaded, retractable shaft. All these parts come in a plastic case to help you keep your tools organized.

What we Like About the Product

  • Cuts through the hardest tiles easily
  • Accurately sized holes
  • AutoStart pilot bit can drill holes without a pilot hole
  • Good quality and good value

What we Don’t Like About the Product

  • Requires a special center attachment
  • Smaller diamond hole saws may wear out early

5. Luomorgo 3-inch Diamond Hole Saw

If you are looking for a bigger diamond hole saw to get bigger holes in your tiles, Luomorgo is one of the obvious choices. It has been featured in Amazon’s choice list for its amazing quality. You can drill through almost all tile material with this diamond hole saw.

The hole saw is made of excellent quality iron alloy making it extra durable and stable. While the nickel-coated surface protects it from rusting. The thicker diamond coating allows you to cut smooth holes through tiles precisely. Also, the large clip holes can effectively remove waste and debris to give you a better experience.

What We Like About the Product

  • Excellent quality product at a bargain
  • Efficient drilling even on hard tile surfaces
  • The unique size of the hole saw
  • a 100% refund guarantee to ensure customer satisfaction

What We Don’t Like About the Product

  • The unusual size of the hole saw may not be used for many applications

Bottom Line

Tiles are resilient materials to protect any surface of the home. However, drilling holes in tile are needed to keep the surface practical and ensure a seamless design. A diamond hole saw can exceptionally help in this manner.

Any of the products mentioned above can be a good fit for the users. Depending on the tile’s quality and users’ unique needs, one can grab any of those hole saws. If used properly, these devices can be used for several years to come.

If we have helped you pick up the appropriate tool for you to use, make sure to give us a shoutout. Also, if you find a better product, let us know.

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