The Best Methods to Get Wood Out of Hole Saw- Expert’s Recommend

Ah, wood plugs- the most familiar enemy of any handyman or DIY enthusiast. Anyone who has worked extensively with any size hole saw knows how much of a hassle prying these scrap pieces of wood can be. For new users, this can be a difficult task as there are many ways you can either damage your hole saw by removing the tightly lodged plug with the help of a metallic tool. If nothing else, people will often waste a lot of time getting the plug out properly. Over years of use, our experts have tested more than a few ways to remove wood plugs from hole saws. Here are a few of the best methods recommended across our board of over 50 professionals:

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Method #1: The Poke and Prod

This is probably one of the most common methods handymen resort to at the beginning of their careers. However, this process is applicable only to hole saws with cutouts on their sides. At its very basics, the idea is to force the plug out of the hole saw through the cutouts on the side. Here is a step-by-step:

  1. Get a long shafted screwdriver or some other sharp object as your prying tool. A tool with a long handle is preferable.
  2. Unplug the drill from the power outlet to avoid any danger.
  3. Insert the end of your tool or screwdriver through the slot of the hole saw.
  4. Grab the handle of the tool and put downward pressure on it- effectively using it as a fulcrum
  5. Reposition and angle as needed to get the wood plug out completely.

While this method is widely used and probably the most intuitive, it is not necessarily effective for a clean extraction or on plugs that are seriously stuck. This method can also get pretty frustrating as it will often take a lot of time and effort depending on the rigidity of the plug.

Method #2: Drilling the drill

For seriously stubborn wood plugs, some electrical action becomes absolutely necessary. This method involves driving screws into either side of the pilot bit– essentially creating a support that you can use to manipulate the entire plug. But for this method to be effective, the screws need to be a bit longer in depth than your hole saw so that you have space on the screw to grab on to. 

  1. Draw and drill two pilot holes on either side of pilot bit
  2. Drive long deck screws into the holes
  3. Push till the screws bottom out.
  4. Lift the plug out after going easy with a few turns on each side.

Method #3: The Push Through

For hole saws with simple arbors or less complicated working principles, the push-through method is particularly effective. Your arbor needs to be detachable regularly from the saw for this method. 

  1. Separate the hole saw from the arbor.
  2. Push or poke the wood plug through from below.
  3. Clean up residual scraps.

This method is particularly effective for hole saws with quick release arbors.

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