Learn How to Cut Pvc Pipe Straight With a Sawzall in 5 Steps

How to Cut PVC Pipe Straight with a Sawzall

For simple projects around the house, PVC pipe is an affordable and easy-to-use solution that provides versatility and durability.  But whether you’re building fences or creating drainage systems, you’ll often need to cut PVC pipe to the exact size you need to ensure your project goes smoothly and comes out looking great.  Cutting PVC pipe … Read more

The Ultimate Hole Saw Size Guide

Hole saw size in image

If you have ever talked to a handyman or basically anyone who is into DIY- they will tell you that the hole saw is their magic do-it-all tool. With low power consumption and their relatively cheap prices, hole saws are perfect for almost any task. However, using the correct size and proper maintenance is detrimental … Read more

Best Hole Saws for Aluminum

Best Hole Saws for Aluminum

If you are willing to cut a hole in aluminum, you need a hole saw that allows you to make a very precise cut. Aluminum is not among the hardest of metals, and putting in too much force while cutting a hole in aluminum will result in damage. We have gathered a set of 3 … Read more