A Quick Comparison Between Milwaukee M12 VS M18 Hackzall

Introduction To The M12 and M18 Hackzall

The M12 and M18 Hackzalls are reciprocating saw built for one-handed operation. These Hackzall are suitable for varieties of applications such as HVAC, plumbing, electrical and so many other activities. It is a whole new type of tool, though it is similar to the traditional Sawzall with its blade and same shoe. The M12 and M18 Hackzall are tools that most homes need for their DIY projects. They feature a standard power drill in all of their models available.

No need for supplemental support because of the pistol-like easy grip and balanced weight. The M12 and M18 models are integrated with an anti-vibration system to boost control and accuracy mode when in use. They are mostly operated with Milwaukee’s RedLithium battery system. This aids a reliable power source. Notwithstanding, in this article, a comprehensive comparison between these two outstanding models and a guide to purchasing would be given.

Comparison Table of Milwaukee M12 VS M18 Hackzall Saw

Making a good choice between the M12 and M18 Hackzalls is not an easy task. There are several advantages of having any of these Hackzall products in your home. Though in terms of flexibility, the M18 has got the higher choice. Notwithstanding, the M12 also has several advantages too in terms of portability and its usage. The table below will further help to highlight the most common comparisons between M12 VS M18 Hackzall.

Study this table carefully to make a better choice.

FeaturesM12 HackzallM18 Hackzall
BatteryLimited amp hours and voltageExtended battery capacity
WeightLighter weight; 2.2lbsWeightier; 5.5lbs
Stroke Per Minute (SPM)3000 SPM3000 SPM
PerformanceExcellent for small construction workPerfect for more tedious cutting activities
Construction timeFaster and saves with small cutting activitiesMade for heavy duties
AffordabilityLess expensiveMore expensive
Adjustable speed triggerAvailableAvailable

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall

Milwaukee M12 Hackzall Features

The M12 model Milwaukee Hackzall is a cordless and one-handed reciprocating saw manufactured by Milwaukee. In the series 2420, the M12 Hackzall is the first one in line. Also, it is the lightest when comparing the designs. M12 Hackzall is efficient and compatible. Mostly perfect for lighter jobs because it is easily maneuvered. It is used to penetrate many spots that other models can’t reach. Hence, its portability. With the M12 Hackzall, there are varieties of options open up for you. Unlike other kinds of saw, it accepts both Hackzall cut and Sawzall blade which makes it economical.

If convenience is needed on a particular cutting activity, the M12 would be an excellent recommendation. A battery gauge is installed to allow users to see the battery power left. This makes them mindful of the job the Hackzall is used for. An important enhancement is made on this product; the adjustable speed trigger. This gives control over every cutting activity carried out. Easily controlled and not meant for demolishing jobs like some other heavy saws. Instead of the traditional way of inserting and removing blades, a keyless Quick-Lok blade clamp system is integrated into this model. Now, changes can be made in splits of seconds.


  • It has a steady cutting speed
  • Easy vibration control
  • Best for lightweight activities


  • The price is often the downside, but it is worth its value regardless

Highlights of M12 Hackzall Features

  • Adjustable speed trigger for steady control over cutting activities
  • Compatible with Hackzall and Sawzall blades
  • Trackable battery gauge to detect charge time 
  • Lightweight and compact design at 2.2lbs and 11”
  • Half inch stroke length for minor cutting activities
  • Sturdy motor at 3000 SPM
  • Automatic QUIK-LOK Blade clamp system

Milwaukee M18 Hackzall

Milwaukee M18 Hackzall Features

M18 is another invention on the Milwaukee Hackzall list. The latest M18 Hackzall is manufactured to fit tedious cutting activities. It is made with some upgraded features that make the new of more advantage than its previous model. If the user needs a more sturdy Hackzall that can make bigger cutting tasks, the M18 is recommended. A brushless motor is integrated into this new model. It cuts faster, with lesser vibrations. Of course, it does more cuts per charge. For clarity purposes, this model, M18 cuts a 2x lumber, EMT conduit, and large diameter PVC conveniently.

Furthermore, it is controlled by an adjustable speed trigger just like the M12. The brushless integration aids the M18 to drive its blade up to 3000 strokes per minute. It can cut off more materials due to its increased stroke length of about 7/8 inches. 

The vibration on M18 is minimized by integrating a double gear counterbalance mechanism. Also, it has a rotating shoe that enables more contact with the workpiece. This improvement results in reduced blade chatter, finer cuts, comfortable controls, and less energy spent on cutting activities.


  • Excellent cutting speed
  • Best vibration control in its class
  • Best rated 18V one-hand reciprocating saw in the market
  • Recommended for heavy construction activities


  • No way for adjusting its length shoe

Highlights of M18 Hackzall Features

  • Improved stroke length of 7/8 inches 
  • 3000 Stroke Per Minute (SPM)
  • Adjustable speed trigger 
  • Quick-LOK blade clamp
  • Rotating Shoe for easy contact with the workpiece
  • Compact and maneuverable
  • Weight 5.57lbs

How To Make Use Of The M12 and M18 Hackzall

Using these tools should not be a major challenge. Here are a few steps read and a video to see below for more clarification. Note that these steps work for both M12 and M18 Hackzall.

Step 1: Fit in the lithium battery till it clicks in.

Step 2: Install the cutting blade making sure that it is well inserted

Step 3: Then, press on the trigger to get it started. 

M12 and M18 Hackzall make about 3000 strokes per minute to give a clean cut. These tools are super handy for every home and DIY enthusiast.

Final Thought

The M12 and M18 Hackzall are used for several construction activities. Depending on the kind of work it may be used for, either of the two could be a better choice. Their distinct values cannot be underestimated. The Hackzalls are affordable and outstanding among other brands of Hackzalls in the market. It should be noted that for users that need fast repairs, M12 is a better option. On the other hand, for those buying for heavy repair and construction work, the M18 is recommended. Before making a choice of which to buy, speed implementation, specs, and the activity needed to carry out should be considered. Of course, any of the tools are worth investing in. It depends on the buyer’s choice.

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