Best Screwdrivers for PC Building- Electric and Magnetic

Though most people prefer to purchase fully-built PCs and avoid the hassle of assembling all the different parts on their own, some people simply love the experience of building their own desktops. Building your own PC has its perks, such as being able to choose whatever component you like, have an upgrade plan in place, and most importantly, not having to pay extra. PC builders happen to forget about one very important tool though, the screwdriver! Using the best screwdrivers for PC building will make sure your work is flawless. You may wonder what’s even so special about screwdrivers, but trust me, they matter more than you think they do. 

In this article, we would like to recommend some of the best screwdrivers for PC building. We divided screwdrivers into two sections in general- electric and magnetic. Based on your preference, you can go with either of the two types. 

Electric vs. Magnetic Screwdriver

The main difference between an electric and a magnetic screwdriver is how you work with them. With electric screwdrivers, you’ll be able to rotate the tip and handle screws without having to use any force on your own. Magnetic screwdrivers, on the other hand, will stick to screws, but the force needs to come from you. Both of them have their own pros and cons.

At times, you will not need the auto rotation feature, as you may need more precision than quick completion. In those cases, a magnetic screwdriver is a better pick. On the other hand, if you have lots of screws to work with, using an electric screwdriver is simply the more practical choice.

Electric or Magnetic Screwdriver Which Is the Best for Pc Building?

In our opinion, magnetic screwdrivers are better for PC building if you are building your own desktop. For commercial purposes, electric screwdrivers would be a wiser choice. At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget, preference, and comfort. If you are more comfortable with an electric screwdriver, then you should go for it despite we recommending magnetic screwdrivers for this task.

Our Recommended Screwdriver in the Market





Qerfasaly Precision Screwdriver Set


Lifegoo 64 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set


Xool Professional Screwdriver Set


Capreripher Mini Electric Screwdriver


DYLIFE 62 In 1 Mini


Craftsman 4V Max


Best Magnetic Screwdrivers for PC Building (1-3)

1. Qerfasaly Precision Screwdriver Set

Qerfasaly Precision Screwdriver Set Reviews for pc Building
Qerfasaly Precision Screwdriver Set Reviews

If you are looking forward to buying a screwdriver for long-term use, then this one would be a great choice. This magnetic screwdriver comes with a set of 50 and works great with any electronic device such as smartphones, computers, PCs, tablets, and even gaming consoles. The best part about the Qerfasaly is its top quality. All the 50 magnetized pieces have their own use, and you don’t get anything useless. Apart from that, the aluminum alloy handle makes it very easy to use due to the extra lightness.

2 Lifegoo 64 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

Lifegoo 64 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set Reviews. It's a great tool for build pc.
Lifegoo 64 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set

This is one of the highest-rated magnetic precision-screwdriver sets out there. As it comes with 64 parts, you should be able to use this set for literally any purpose. It has impressively strong magnetism, and there is barely any risk of the tip coming off while you are working. To build a PC, this is the only screwdriver set you’ll ever need, as it is a complete package. One caveat is the higher price point, but the lifetime value this set is going to provide you accounts for it.

3. Xool Professional Screwdriver Set

Xool Professional Screwdriver Set Reviews
Xool Professional Screwdriver Set Reviews

Well, you may not like the idea to purchase a magnetic screwdriver set only for building PCs. If you are not a PC mechanic or upgrade your PC every now and then, you will ever need your screwdriver for your PC a few times a year. This is why the better investment is to buy a screwdriver set that can serve multiple purposes. The Xool Professional Screwdriver Set is the perfect choice for that. Made of Chromium Vanadium steel, it is one of the most durable options out there. It also comes with a voltage tester, to help you work with more precision. Though this set includes only 18 sets, you should be able to get your job done with comfort.

Best Electric Screwdriver for PC Building (5-6)

4. Capreripher Mini Electric Screwdriver

Capreripher Mini Electric Screwdriver Reviews
Capreripher Mini Electric Screwdriver

Electric screwdrivers are more suitable for PC building compared to magnetic screwdrivers. The best part about the Capreripher Mini is its portability. If you are a mechanic, then this would be one of the best options for you. You’ll be able to easily carry the whole 28-set toolkit wherever you want. The high rotate speed of 200r/min will make your work quick and effective. It has a very impressive battery life as well. With only half an hour of charging time, you should be able to punch around 400 screws.

5. DYLIFE 62 In 1 Mini

DYLIFE 62 In 1 Mini screwdriver pc review
DYLIFE 62 In 1 Mini screwdriver PC Review

If you are looking forward to more features and options from your electric screwdriver, then nothing is more suitable for you than the DYLIFE 62 In 1 Mini. It is one of the smallest and most powerful electric screwdrivers out there. You will be able to open, assemble, and fix most electronic devices with this screwdriver kit. The whole package comes with a USB Cable and a Magnetic Workable Pad to give you more convenience for different kinds of usage. If someone you know is an electronic enthusiast, you can even get them this screwdriver as a gift.

6. Craftsman 4V Max

Craftsman 4V Max screwdriver for pc build
Craftsman 4V Max screwdriver for pc build

Point to be noted, the Craftsman 4V Max is by no means a complete package like the other recommendations on this list. However, if you are not looking for something that fancy, then this electric screwdriver does the trick. Electric screwdrivers are expensive in general, but the Craftsman 4V Max comes at a great price. Being able to drive 325 screws on a single charge, it should withstand building up to 7-8 PCs. We loved the convenient usage of this screwdriver, as it feels very comfy in hand.

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Which one do you think is the best screwdriver for PC building? Do you have a screwdriver that you especially like for PC building? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comment section.

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