What Screwdriver You Should Use to Open a PS4/PS5 Controller

How to Open a Playstation 5 (PS5) Controller

Before you get to know which screwdriver to use, let me run you through the process of opening a PS5 controller. If you are a beginner and haven’t opened your PlayStation 4 controller ever before, you should not skip this part. Otherwise, you might end up breaking something.

Step 1

Locate the four screws that you need to take off to open your DS4. Two of these four screws are located right under the L2 and R2 button respectively. You’ll find the other two under the handles.

Step 2

You need to choose the right-sized screwdriver to take the screws off. This is one of the most important parts of the whole process because choosing the wrong size can cause damage to your controller. I have a friend who tried to open his controller with a too big screwdriver, and it caused some significant damage.

Step 3

Carefully take the screws off with the right-sized screwdriver. To loosen the screws, you should rotate the screwdriver anti-clockwise. Clockwise rotation will further tighten the screws, and you will face difficulties taking them off.

Step 4

The next step is to pry up the case. You can start with the joint near the trigger buttons. Once you have done that, you need to pry up the bottom section of your controller. If the tip of your screwdriver is thin enough, then you can use it to do this. If that is not the case, you might need a different tool.

Step 5

Very gently separate the top and bottom parts of your DS4. You need to be careful about the process because using too much force might break the backlight ffc cable. Once the two parts are separate, remove the cable and you are good to go.

One of the main reasons PS4/PS5 is the most sold gaming console of all time is its controller. Widely known as DS4, the PS5 controller is a perfect example of mechanics, comfort, and design. However, it really sucks when your DS4 loses its usual performance. In some instances, the solution is to open the controller and have a look inside to clean and repair your controller. You may want to know which screwdriver to use to open a PS5 controller, and this post is going to tell you exactly that.

Our recommended Screwdrivers to Open a Ps4 & PS5 Controllers

1. Wiha 26105 Precision Phillips Screwdriver

PS5 controllers have very small screws. Almost every DS4 contains four 6mm Phillips #00 screws. That means you’ll need to find a screwdriver that is compatible with such small-sized screws.

While there are many different screwdrivers in the market that are able to work fine with Phillips #00 screws, my recommendation is to use a screwdriver from Phillips. Phillips screwdrivers are designed to be one hundred percent compatible with Phillips screws, so it would a wise choice to use one of them.

Phillips #00 x 50 Screwdriver - Best for your PS4

You should use the Wiha Phillips #00 x 50 screwdriver to open your PlayStation 4 controller. Not only this particular screwdriver works great with smaller size screws, but also it is specifically designed to work with DS4 controllers. The thicker textured part under the tip of the screwdriver has made it really comfortable to rotate. You should be able to disassemble your controller with no real difficulty with the Phillips #00 x 50 screwdriver.

You can also use this screwdriver for other DIY projects as well.

2. Teckman T9 Torx Security screwdriver

Teckman T9 Torx Security screwdriver - best alternative of phillips screwdriver

Teckman T9 Torx Security screwdriver is another great screwdriver. Though this screwdriver is not made by the same manufacturer as the PS5 screws, it is also specifically made to work well with PS5 controllers. It has a distinctive design compared to the Phillips and comes with a non-skid plastic handle.






Wiha 26105 Precision Screwdriver Phillips, 0 x 50mm


Teckman T9 Torx Screwdriver for Ps4 and PS5


T9 Torx Screwdriver


T8 Torx Screwdriver 


TECKMAN TR9 Torx Security Screwdriver Kit


3 Common Reasons to Open a Playstation 4 Controller

You should know about the common reasons to open your PS5 controller as a non-mechanic. Otherwise, you may end up opening the controller for no reason and damage the internal parts.

Change Batteries

Like every other gadget, PS5 controllers also suffer from battery damage after years of use. You may need to take out the old batteries and install new ones. DS4 controllers don’t have removable batteries, so you have to open the controller to install new batteries.

Dust Cleaning

You may want to give the internal parts of your PlayStation 4 controller a clean-up. It’s very normal for dust to go inside your PS5 controller, and even weaken some of the functions. You’ll need to open the controller if that’s the case.

Controller Drifting

As much as you hate it, DS4 drifting is a thing. If that is the case with your controller, then opening the controller and cleaning the part beneath the analog sticks might just be the fix.

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Choosing either of my recommended screwdrivers will just work fine with opening your PlayStation 4 controller. However, open your DS4 only if you are absolutely confident and sure about it. If you are not, then call in an expert and get it done by them.

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